Mini Course

$97.00 USD

For one flat fee, you'll get:

  1. 9 instructional videos featuring JJ Tate

    1. Watch anytime and repeat! 
      1. You'll have access 24/7. Need a little inspiration before your ride? Tired of everything on netflix? The Mini Course is a resource that will keep you coming back for more.
    2. Targeted Content! 
      1. Videos are concise and focused - so NO wading through long demos or lessons - you'll get exactly what the description offers in 15 mins or less!
    3. Develop Your Eye! 
      1. Not only will you now have new visualizations for the process and ideals of Classical dressage, but you'll also have a new vehicle of discussion with your trainer. Many of our students have joined with their trainers in order to dialogue about the content for increased clarity and understanding.
    4. Exceptional Explanations! 
      1. JJ is known for having a way with words. Now you don't have to wait for a clinic to be scheduled in your area, a training spot to open up, or clean stalls as an actual working student!
  2. Corresponding Educational PDFs

    1. ENGAGE in an active learning experience with prompts to help you apply the lesson to your horse and your goals
    2. Print and keep in a binder to create a workbook!
  3. PLUS a Zoom lecture with JJ

    1. ONLY Apprentice and Trainer Students in our membership get this feature!
  4. AND Exclusive DISCOUNTS

    on the Team Tate Academy Membership when we open enrollment again! 

What People Are Saying:

“Fuerst Fury 336 (aka Princess Twiggy)would like everyone to know how much she loves Team Tate Academy! Combined the school trot and turn on the forehand exercises for some pretty awesome work! She struggles with pelvis flexibility and using her hind legs instead of cheating. Already worth every penny! 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️👑🦄”

Jessica Bortner-Harris

“The educational videos are the PERFECT LENGTH for MY exercise warmup as I watch one (ok, sometimes two) while on my spin bike prior to my workouts in the morning! They also give me focus and get me excited and inspired for my horses’ rides that day!”

KC Betzel

“I am loving my membership! What is interesting (but not surprising) is everything she says is 100% in line with what I learned going through the judges’ programs and various judging seminars, so for those of you who compete, this is highly beneficial. I love that the riding is so technically correct and keeps the horses’ welfare as the priority (harmony is a must!). I absolutely recommend signing up for access to the videos!”

Valerie Swygert

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