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or real riders who love their horses and love dressage. 


Join Team Tate Academy and become the trainer your horse wants you to be:  Kind and compassionate,  while following a time-proven classical training system, AND have fun doing it!

Maybe you can relate to the following:

  • You’d love to work with a great trainer, but options are limited where you live.
  • You really love your trainer and want to get more out of your lessons.
  • The logistics of getting to a trainer are almost impossible because of time or finances. 


  • You truly believe in your horse and know you both can learn and enjoy dressage.
  • You desire a real partnership with your horse while you go up the levels.
  • You want your training time to be enjoyable.


  • You wish to develop your skill as a rider.
  • You want the work to build your horse’s body up, not break it down.
  • You long for your horse to love to work WITH you.


  • You don’t have hours to spend watching videos or reading books.
  • You need a simplified, systematic approach with time-proven methods that actually work.
  • You want to be connected to like-minded riders who want to learn and improve for their horses. 


If any of these sounds like you, then you don't want to miss out on this life-changing dressage education!


Join Team Tate Academy

Members have 24/7 access to a wealth of content.

Accredited by USDF University!


Weekly Instructional Videos in the Lesson Library featuring short, easy to understand videos are targeted to help you and your horse reach your full potential. New lessons are posted for ALL members every Monday morning.

Study Groups

Get all your questions answered in our twice monthly LIVE study groups and join an international community of riders committed to building the best partnership possible with their horses.


Every video has a downloadable study guide to help you remember key takeaways and summarizes the exercises, along with journal prompts to help you tailor the exercise to your situation.

Customer Service

You have questions, we have answers! The Academy has dedicated equestrians ready to help you with everything from the videos to your account.  We're here for YOU!


Meet JJ !


For less than the cost of a single lesson, you get 24/7, on-demand access to Team Tate Academy.


Enjoy the convenience of a mobile app and support from the whole Team!


You can continue to search for solutions the old fashioned way, by trial, error, and frustration...

Join today and get the compassionate, horse friendly, easy to understand instruction that you have been longing for, PLUS the convenience of a mobile app...

Endorsed by Olympic Medalists Sabine Shut-Kery & Ali Brock!


"Team Tate Academy is a really awesome tool to help you really train your horse at home. I think JJ is not only a very talented trainer but also has a very compassionate approach to help you with your horse."

 -Sabine Shut-Kery 

2020 Olympic Silver Medalist, Team USA

"I wanted to give a quick reminder of why I think everyone should join Team Tate Academy. First off JJ Tate is an amazing horsewoman and trainer. It's a great resource not only for adult amateurs but juniors & young riders, AND coaches & trainers like myself..."

 -Alison Brock

2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Team USA

The Working Student Experience of Your Dreams!

Team Tate Academy provides dressage lovers like you with short, easy to understand instructional videos, worksheets to help solidify concepts, twice-monthly live study groups, and an amazing supportive community of compassionate, ethical and classically minded dressage lovers so you can train your own horse at home.


As a member, you become  part of the Team & gain access to...

An ever-growing lesson library of 12-18 minute, to-the-point videos divided into searchable categories so you can select the exercises you need when you need them.

  • New videos are added weekly and filed under one of 18 categories. 
  • Learn from watching JJ ride while she talks you through the details of the aids, timing, feelings, and common issues to avoid, all while riding a variety of horses, from a rescue pony and older Morgan mare, to young horses, right up to her Grand Prix Super Stars!  

Printable worksheets accompany each instructional video with guided questions and key takeaways to enhance your learning experience and can be used as a quick reference guide.

Live study groups twice a month called the Tack Room Chat. Each session reviews related instructional videos at various levels so you can ask questions, learn how the exercises relate to each other and what the progression leads to, all in a friendly and welcoming group setting.

Answers to your questions directly from JJ within the lesson library comments section.

Customer support that's just an email away!

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We're certain that you will LOVE Team Tate Academy but we understand that life happens, especially when you own horses. 

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