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Come experience what it’s like to be one of JJ Tate’s New Generation of Classical Riders. Learn to create a trusting partnership with your horse, wherever you are on your path to achieving mastery. Get Access for FREE by clicking the button below.


What You Get in The Small Tour...

Sneak Peeks from the Lesson Library

Get a FREE glimpse into our USDF Accredited Lesson Library that members worldwide are raving about. JJ demonstrates what exercises and movements should look like in real-time, explains what you should feel, how you can correct common mistakes. Each sneak peek includes the valuable insight that you can use to take your riding to the next level.

Wine About It Wednesday Talks

Come join the conversation! Meet the horses and be part of the day-to-day happenings with JJ's weekly Wednesday night toast. Access a personal library of all the past Wine About It Wednesdays for you to toast whenever you want! This happens every Wednesday night live on Team Tate TV. The next one starts soon. Don't miss out!

A Bit Of Background

Become part of the community and get to know more about JJ and Team Tate Academy through conversations with friends, family, mentors & students. Get the stories and inside perspectives from the people who have been with JJ in her rise to the top levels of dressage...and winning with harmony & integrity in the large tour!

But Most Importantly...

The Small Tour is the FIRST STEP to becoming the rider that YOUR HORSE DESERVES and REACHING YOUR POTENTIAL TOGETHER.

Get A Feel For The Academy’s User-Friendly Platform

So easy that even a horse trainer can use it!

"The Academy has been so very illuminating to me!! The combination of “sit down and talk about it, analyze it” with the visual videos and then the additional comments and discussions by students has really nailed the whole learning process, no matter what kind of learner you are. It covers all aspects: visual, auditory, and kinetic. I have never experienced such a program! Thank you so much, JJ!!" 

- Janet Bocchichio

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