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Team Tate Academy Membership Packages

Working Student, Apprentice, and Trainer Packages

Understand the Process 

Learn what it REALLY means to reach for ideals. You'll get lessons and demonstrations with different breeds, sizes, levels, and issues. 

ALL Team Tate Academy Students enjoy:

  1. 52 + Video Lessons Each Year
    1. Access to JJ Tate's easy to follow instructional videos which give step-by-step  guidance
    2. Downloadable PDF worksheets that correspond with each lesson 
  2. Tack Room Chats - A Weekly Online Study Group Facilitated by Professionals Enrolled in the Academy.

Interested in a Bit More Support?

Apprentice | Trainer

Along with 52 + Video Lessons each year, students who purchase the Apprentice or Trainer Packages enjoy:

Monthly Zoom Meetings

  1. lectures that complement the lessons
  2. discussions on interpersonal topics
  3. answers to your questions
  4. interviews with top professionals in the industry

"The Academy has been so very illuminating to me!!

The combination of “sit down and talk about it, analyze it” with the visual videos and then the additional comments and discussions by students has really nailed the whole learning process.

The program covers all aspects -no matter what kind of learner you are - visual, auditory and kinetic.

I have never experienced such a program! Thank you so much JJ!!"

- Janet

Trainer Packages are Limited

Only 9 Spots Remaining!

With the Trainer tier, you’ll have the confidence to know you can develop your horse and you can fully embody the role of trainer for your horse even if you are an amateur!

From JJ:

"I know that we can make a difference in your riding and the development of your horse, because it’s what I’ve been doing for my students for over 20 years."

Get ALL the Tools

To Shift Your Mindset & Mastery
  1. 52 + Video Lessons Each Year
  2. Tack Room Chats
  3. Monthly Zoom Meetings


3. Video Coaching with JJ Tate

  • Submit a video each month and JJ will respond with comments on your progress.
  • Learn from each other and develop your eye. *Videos will only be viewable by the 20 Trainer Members.


  1. Only students with Trainer membership status will be eligible to apply for the MASTER level which will include in-person retreats and leadership training at Blue Ridge Farm in Landrum, South Carolina!
  2.  Students who select the TRAINER package also get The Equestrian Journal of their choice AND a Team Tate Academy ball cap!


Working Student

  • Weekly Video Lessons
  • Tack Room Chats
  • Educational PDFs with each Lesson

Junior Pricing for Riders Under 18


  • Weekly Video Lessons
  • Tack Room Chats
  • Educational PDFs with each Lesson
  • PLUS Monthly Zoom Meetings


  • Weekly Video Lessons
  • Tack Room Chats
  • Educational PDFs with each Lesson
  • Monthly Zoom Meetings
  • PLUS Virtual Coaching with JJ

"I just wanted to share some thoughts on learning with the Team Tate academy. 

We all know that dressage training is a journey and process for rider-trainer and horse. But having clear principles and guide posts makes it a genuine joy of a journey.

JJ's first lecture was like an introduction to a college program! The content had great depth, while also introducing fundamental terms and concepts.

As I review academy content and incorporate video exercises into daily riding, I'm really noticing how much more accountable I have to be *all the time* for my training (including my seat) and how much more accountable my mare needs to be to my aids.

This can be kind of frustrating at times, as I run into challenges like "wow, we cannot turn right today on a 10 m circle." But the reminder to analyze why this is happening and to use "reset" exercises to get back to a place of calm, clarity is truly helpful. This is a very integrated learning experience! I'm really grateful for the opportunity."

- Lynne

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