Dressage Life

With JJ Tate

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Join classically trained, internationally competitive dressage rider JJ Tate,

as she brings inspired conversations, in depth discussions, and a healthy dose of humor to the world of dressage.

021. Finding Your Next Equine Partner 

In this episode, JJ dives into the topic of what characteristics to look for in an equine partner and how that can be very different for every rider. She discusses how to recognize your own preferences and needs to find the horse of your dreams.

020. Coping With Injuries

 The importance of Listening to the Little Signals.

019. Perfect Products  

 Jeff Morgenstern

Innovating the competition world by supporting the horse.

018. Ride With a Schedule

The importance of maintaining a training schedule.

017. Classical Versus Competitive Dressage

How Competition Fits Into A Classical Approach

016. Elite Rider, Sabine Schut-Kery

Honesty, Chemistry, Connection, & Recharging.

015. Proper Management

From turnout and feeding to training and post ride care.

014. Making the Right Decisions at the Show

Doing right for your horse, & controlling the controllables.

013. Classical Trainer Patrick King

Part 2, Background, & learning from horsemanship legends

012. Classical Trainer Patrick King

Part 1, Background, & learning from horsemanship legends.

011. Dressage Superstar Steffen Peters

How he started, when he knew he was good, & pressure.

010. Dealing With Disappointment

At shows, at home, & at riding & training clinics

09. Setting Yourself Up For Success

How to prepare for success in the show ring!

08. The Best Laid Plans

Refocusing & Rebalancing After A Disappointing Ride.

07. The A.R. Episode!

Plus Staying Inspired & Motivated During the COVID Pandemic.

06. Olympic Rider Alison Brock

Journey to Rio 2016, & Her Obsession with Balance.

05.Why Do You Ride?

We all love horses, but we all have our own unique reasons for why we choose to ride.

04. Know Your Self Worth

Even top level riders experience confidence issues.

03. When The Clinic is Over

Strategies for squeezing as much info from lessons/clinics.

02. Strength, Skill, Self-care, & Coaches

JJ's lecture Principles of Developing the Horse

01. Dreams, Goals, Plans, & Action

How to stay motivated, set goals & make them a reality

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