Team Tate Fundamentals

Every great rider & trainer knows the basics are the most important part of the training process.

Get noticed because of the harmony and flow you have with your horse!

Whether early in your riding career or riding Grand Prix -the Fundamentals NEVER go out of style!


What You Get in Team Tate Fundamentals...

Develop Your Potential With 6 Video Lessons

JJ guides you through fundamental skills by explaining the correct aides, how to time and apply them. SEE what it should look like. HEAR what you should FEEL. LEARN how you can correct common mistakes. Each lesson includes interactive worksheets to provide a multi-dimensional, interactive learning experience.

Dive Deep Into Theory with 2 Lectures 

Featuring the same system the has allowed JJ to produce over 35 SOUND & HAPPY horses to the FEI, JJ guides you through the basics to get you started on the path to develop the body & mind of your horse at home!

5 Ridden Demos Bring Theory to Life

The theory is only as good as the results it produces. See for yourself how theory is applied to the ridden horse to deepen your understanding and inspire your rides at home!

But Most Importantly...

Team Tate Fundamentals is the foundation of CONFIDENCE, CLARITY & TRUST to build the PARTNERSHIP OF A LIFETIME for any horse & rider!

"Hi JJ! I just wanted to thank you for Team Tate Academy and Team Tate TV. In mid-December I purchased the Fundamentals, loved it, and subscribed to an annual apprentice membership about a week later!

While I'm fortunate to have a really good trainer, your 15 minute lessons, the zoom sessions, tack room chats, and FB group are adding another dimension to my understanding. I look forward to my 45 minute ride to the barn so I can replay what I'm learning from you.

Thank you SO MUCH for putting the Academy together. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Sorry if I sound like a geeked out fan girl... but I guess at 57 years old that's what I am!" 

-Karen Bartholomew


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