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Reaching for ideals is not just for elite riders! Join Jessica Jo "JJ" Tate as she makes exceptional riding accessible to every horse and every rider under the sun with our state-of-the-art, USDF accredited online academy.

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Choose from three membership packages designed to put knowledge and inspiration in your hands at a level that works for you, your horse, and your budget.

Instructional Videos

Short, easy to understand demonstrations are targeted to help you learn what exercises & movements should look like in real-time, clarify what you should feel & how you can correct common mistakes.


Every student in all tiers receive PDFs that accompany each video.

Enjoy an active learning experience and discover how to apply this knowledge with your horse.

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Want to get to know JJ Tate?

"With my sights set on representing the United States in world-class competitions, I strive to compete among the best with integrity, harmony, and devotion to the horse's well-being through classical dressage." - JJ Tate

About JJ Tate

Harmony | Integrity | Devotion

Come experience what it’s like to be part of JJ Tate’s New Generation of Classical Riders. Learn to create a trusting partnership with your horse, wherever you are on your path to achieving mastery.

Whether you are a junior rider, an adult amateur, or a professional, you belong!

Team Tate Fundamentals

Every great rider & trainer knows the basics are the most important part of the training process. Get access to:

  • 6  Video Lessons 
  • 2 Theory Lectures
  • 5 Ridden Demos 
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